Ticking Boxes

The 8 week countdown to my trip is fast approaching!

I’m trying not to be over organised but there’s a part of me that wants to start packing already…I don’t know if it’s excitement or worry that i’ll forget something that’s egging me on to start!

I thought this weeks blog post could focus on the steps I like to take when organising my checked luggage. I promise the blog posts will get more exciting once my adventure starts, but I appreciate that many people enjoy reading about how others go about choosing what to take on holiday and how they organise it.


I start by considering the climate of the country I am visiting, closer to the time of travel I like to check the forecast so I can pack accordingly. My first tip would be to download a weather app, I recommend the BBC Weather app which can be downloaded for android here and for Apple devices from the iTunes app.

I will be visiting Australia starting in their winter, right through to their summer so I will need a variety of seasonal clothing. I’ve decided to pack numerous coloured jeans (black, light denim, dark denim, white) and some ‘basic’ tshirts that can be paired together. Instead of packing two different wardrobes for the seasons, I will be taking cardigans and jumpers to wrap up when it is cooler but that can be removed for the warmer days. In terms of shoes, I have decided to pack my trusty white trainers that go with practically anything as well as my running trainers. For beach days/running errands I will be taking Birkenstocks and a 90p pair of flip flops from Primark!

On the note of Primark, I would definitely recommend having a look in one before a holiday or backpacking trip because the clothes are so affordable, meaning if you find nicer stuff on holiday but do not have room for taking it all back home. Instead you can give your cheap Primark clothing items to a local charity, homeless shelter etc.

After I’ve decided what to take with me, I then decide how much of everything I will need. This is a very personal judgement as everybody requires a different amount of clothes for the same time frame. Personally for a 7 day holiday I would pack 4 sets of bottoms and 6 tops (wearing the same top to travel both ways). I would also pack 10 pairs of both pants and socks. I often find planning OOTD’s (and taking pictures for reference) in advance helps me narrow down on what I want to take.


This is where the fun begins… using the climate and length of your holiday as a guide, write a checklist! Writing a checklist may seem silly and unnecessary but I promise it will help you ensure you have everything you need. I normally write my checklist in advance, but fill it out as I pack much nearer the time!

Don’t forget any accessories you might want for your trip like hair styling tools, make up, hygiene products, cameras, chargers, PLUG ADAPTERS (this link  will give you information for all the different types used in different countries).


Safe Travels Friends!


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